Unity and the Asset Store

Unity and the Asset Store

I am now in the Unity Asset Store.

After four years I finally decided to dust of the good old blog to write about my latest work. The last few years have been exciting.I ditched Flash (we had a good run) and tested the waters of the Objective-C world (which was fun, but short lived).
But the majority of my last years was spent on JavaScript and HTML5 games.
Game Dev has been the backbone of my work ever since. To cut a long story short, I eventually ended up learning Unity and C#.

But except for the occasional forum post and my usual ramblings on Twitter, I haven’t shared much of my work lately. Enter the Unity Asset Store.

What an amazing outlet for your one-off ideas, partial projects and clever scripts. I started my publisher profile, and uploaded my first projects in no time. And although there were a few gotchas on the way, publishing (and monetizing) my work was dead simple.
As of now I uploaded three different projects to the store.

  • dtween, an animation library comparable to TweenMax or Tweener.
  • Planet Plane, a pixel art asset set with various animations.
  • Two Tone City, a set of pixel art buildings / trees and characters, with the restriction of only using two colors to draw them.

All of them have been a great way to learn more about C#, art and Unity. To keep keep me motivated, I decided to sell them for a few dollars (although that might change in the future).
But mostly I’m trying to improve my work. Engaging with a community is always fun, and I look forward to reading your feedback once again.

Happy coding,