DoConvert v0.70 – String to Object converter

Easily convert Strings to Objects (or Arrays) with DoConvert.

DOWNLOAD – DoConvert v0.70 (52 KB)

The Library allows you to parse any String formatted in the short Array or Object syntax.
Any given datatype within the String will be converted to its logical ActionScript 3 pendant (i.e. {a:true, b:50}, the value a will be typed Boolen. The value b, uint).

DoConvert code example

Yes, I know. It’s kinda like JSON ;).


  • Removed a bug in the and, that prevented DoConvert to parse Strings including breaks and/or tabs.
  • Various code optimizations.


  • Removed the NaN compiler error.
  • Various code optimizations.


  • Added Actionscript 2 version.
  • Reduced Filesize by removing the classes, and
  • Various code optimizations.