Building Stockable

Creating a stock portfolio management tool for myself Given a reasonable amount of knowledge about the stock market and having done my first few trades, the time was right to look at tooling to manage my investments. The main thing I wanted to know being: how are my stocks doing? Am I turning a profit? […]

AppStore Review Monitor

Raise awareness of AppStore reviews in your company, by putting them front and center in your office. Ever 30 seconds the AppStore Review Monitor will display a random review from the iOS AppStore, including the app version, and rating. The top-left indicator will provide you with additional meta information, such as the average store rating […]

aape – The Adobe Animate PixiJS exporter

Hi everyone, I’m thrilled to share my latest side project with you. I call it aape. It is my version of an Adobe Animate PixiJS exporter. Here are two demos of exported animations: How it works: The project is split into two parts. A JSFL script to export your current Animate timeline and a few […]

Unity and the Asset Store

Unity and the Asset Store I am now in the Unity Asset Store. After four years I finally decided to dust of the good old blog to write about my latest work. The last few years have been exciting.I ditched Flash (we had a good run) and tested the waters of the Objective-C world (which […]