Building Stockable

Creating a Stock Portfolio Management Tool

Given a reasonable amount of knowledge about the stock market and having done my first few trades, the time was right to look at tooling to manage my investments.

The main thing I wanted to know being: how are my stocks doing? Am I turning a profit?

Naturally I turned to the app store to solve my woes and made a few observations:

  1. Stock monitoring apps are abundant.
  2. Most apps offer tons of functionality by surfacing most features of their underlining stock exchange.
  3. as a direct result their user experience is oftentimes questionable.
  4. Monitoring your specific orders is rarely an option.
  5. Native / modern looking trading apps are rare.

Starting from scratch I had a few goals in mind.

Be as close to the system as possible

The system being iOS, I aimed to implement Apples native SDKs before looking at 3rd party solutions. This lead me to take a closer look at CloudKit, Combine, DarkMode and SF Symbols.

Be as simple as possible

Starting by only offering the answer to one particular question: How is my portfolio doing today?

Aim to break even

Stock Market APIs aren’t free. Ignoring the initial development cost (i’d write those of as a learning experience), a reasonably successful app would end up creating a maintenance bill.
All options considered I ended up implementing ads into the app.

Stockable is now available on the AppStore (for english speaking countries). Take a look and drop a review If you enjoy using the app.