DoSite v0.61 Easily create Flash microsites

DoSite is a simple AS3 framework that helps you to create Flash microsites.

DOWNLOAD – DoSite v0.61 (4,2 MB)

The Library simplifies a lot of chores that occur during Flash-Website development, such as: sub-site creation, site transitions, content handling or external library connection (e.g. SWFAddress or Analytics).

Click on the image to see DoSite in action:
Viva Espana

The basic idea:
DoSite allows you to distribute your project using independent swfs for each part of the website. The interplay between swf files being handled trough the framework.

(You can however use a single swf to carry all of your code using the embed method. See example “05_single_swf”.)

How it works:
In general DoSite uses two xml files to build the content of the website. The first defines the paths to the content of the website (the swf, jpg, xml files etc.), the second the composition (position, url, names etc.).

The framework than combines the content according to the “id” property of each xml tag.
The visual representation of the content is held in the “DoSite.container():Sprite” that can be added to the stage after including the content.

Every website element is either a fixed content (always visible) or a sub-site.
At runtime only one sub-site is displayed at once (!), although this might change in future releases.

Please take a look at the examples to get a closer look at how DoSite works.

The examples:

  • 01 basic: A simple DoSite setup This example shows you the basic structure of both xml files as well as simple sub-site navigation with DoSite.
  • 02 external xml: How to pull the xml information out of the fla and into separate files.
  • 03 animation: A simple sub-site animation example using TweenMax.
  • 04 swf address: How to connect your website to SwfAddress for sub-site browser navigation.
  • 05 without xml: How to build a DoSite project without using xml.
  • 06 single swf: A full-fledged DoSite example using the embed tag to bundle the website content into a single swf.
  • Example 01 to 04 use the same layout and content to exemplify the functions of DoSite.
    Example 05 however was created as a school project. The website had to run locally, which forced me to dispense external swf or xml files to avoid security restrictions.

    I will extend this website with examples and documentations as DoSite evolves.

    Have fun with DoSite,



  • Added a Data class that holds every framework property. It replaces the content and composition classes in the “xmlparser” package.
  • It is no longer necessary to assign the content or composition xml to the framework. All properties can now be set via the new Data class or directly with DoSite.compositon() or DoSite.content() after initializing DoSite.
  • DoSite can now be initialized without an open SubSite. This is important for utilizing a See-and-Point navigation structure.
  • Removed a bug that caused the content to align to the wrong position when the container align is set to „tl“.
  • Renamed the addSubsite function to addSubsiteContainer.
  • Renamed the addFixed function to addFixedContainer.
  • Various code optimizations.