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I decided to release some of my games as free open source downloads, using the MIT license.
The following URL provides you with three games: “Meteornaut”, “Crash Lines” and “Decypher Me”.

download –

While “Meteornaut” and “Crash Lines” are fairly complete games, “Decypher Me” is more of a proof of concept, with one level and no title screen or menus.

A few words about each game:

Meteornaut is a variant of the classic Asteroids game. It differentiates itself by implementing mouse based controls and a combo system.

To publish the game, use the Flex 4.1 compiler (try FDT, Flash Develop or Flash Builder) using Flash Player 10. The Main Class is: “src/de/davidochmann/games/meteornaut/”.

Crash Lines:
Crash Lines is two player Tron Lightcycle Game. Race against a friend to see who can stay alive the longest.
crash lines

Use the “source/crashlines.fla” to compile the game.

Decypher Me:
Decipher cryptic Texts with “Decypher Me”. The game gives you hints to where a certain letter is used within the text. After that it’s up to your combination abilities to solve the riddle.
crash lines

Use the “source/DecypherMe.fla” to compile the game.

7 replies on “Open source games”

  1. Hi,
    I work in advertising and wanted to know if the games above can be used within a banner. The banner serves to highlight the fun aspect of the product being advertised through activities that can be done within in – watch movies, play games, chat etc…

    Do let me know if your games fall under fair use for such purposes, will keep track of this comment thread for your response.


  2. Hi David,
    I really like the Meteornaut game. I used to play Asteroids growing up. I was hoping you could point me in the direction of some simple instructions on how to publish this game. I’d like to put it on my web site as something fun for people to try. I presume that I’ll want to embed the code in an article. I’ve been searching the web for some step by step instructions but haven’t found any. I understand if you don’t want to answer. This is probably an elementary level question. I have Flash as part of my CS5.5 suite but I don’t normally use it.
    Thanks for making some great games.

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